Learn what bots are doing on your website
Stop them with Website Threat Protection

The problem of bots engaging with websites for the purpose of fraud is growing rapidly.

Bots look for ways to break your website, to compromise your data, to pollute your analytics, to steal your content and to gather information that might be useful in future attacks.

This can be for financial gains or other reasons such as as information-gathering mechanisms, to facilitate a primary attack, for blackmail, or malware. Losses from cybercrime such as this is estimated by US organisation Cybersecurity Ventures at $190,000 per second.

Bots pollute your understanding of how your website works, or what your real human users are looking at and what they want from you.

Geographic Differences Between
Human & Bot

What Website Threat Protection can show:

  • How many confirmed bots and suspicious sessions are active on a website

  • The source of those sessions

  • What they “look” like – how they behave

  • What pages & content they are engaging with

What Website Threat Protection can do about it:

  • Block the bot from continuing to engage with the website once detected – either silently or through engagement

  • Remove the bot visit from your analytics platform

  • Save you money paying for bots to use your site, and time removing bots from your first party data, user accounts, baskets, checkouts and more

  • Protect your website against malicious activity

Full Session Breakdown

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