Only humans

Ensuring ‘only humans’ in your online processes

Malicious bots continue to consume resources and overwhelm organisations, accounting for at least a quarter of all internet traffic.
As bots get more sophisticated the likelihood of them evading perimeter checks and getting into online processes becomes ever greater.
And allowing malicious bots into your online processes is never good!

Malicious bots in your processes can lead to:

  • Loss of revenue, associated with fraud, account takeover, downtime, performance degradation and more.
  • Increased operational expense, including infrastructure costs, authentication expenses, and the people cost of the time spent on bot mitigation.
  • Regulatory penalties, with huge fines imposed on organisations for breaches of, for example, GDPR or AML regulations.
  • The intangible (and sometimes tangible) damage to brand reputation, resulting from negative publicity and loss of customer confidence.

Website Threat Protection provides the ability to detect and defend against sophisticated bot attacks, reduce friction and improve customer experience.

Website Threat Protection makes sure that ‘only humans’ are in your critical online business processes. Is it really that particular human or is it a very clever AI-generated bot pretending to be that particular human? Website Threat Protection will check.

A solution built on solid foundations preventing ad fraud

Website Threat Protection is a rapidly maturing solution that meets the needs of small organisations with a single application as well as large enterprises with hundreds of them. The creators of Website Threat Protection previously specialised in ad fraud and now see the need to expand the offering to support customers from other market sectors including security, financial crime, financial services, crypto, and e-commerce.

We recognise that protecting against a range of attacks – protecting web applications, mobile apps, and APIs; and leveraging machine learning – have all become ‘must-haves’. Website Threat Protection is designed to keep up with ever-evolving attacks, offer a range of reporting options, and enable human end-customers to transact business with little friction or frustration.

Constantly evolving to meet new threats

Website Threat Protection detects and deters the most sophisticated bots, engaging in an ongoing game of one-upmanship. While basic bots can be blocked by most defences, more-sophisticated bots use a multitude of techniques to mimic human behaviour and subvert detection. The criminal gangs involved tweak their bots when they encounter solutions like Website Threat Protection, forcing us to continually adapt and instigate defences that thwart bots, confuse their instigators, and increase the cost of the attack to the point where it’s no longer worth it.

Website Threat Protection demonstrates our continual research and innovation on bot threats. New bot threats arrive regularly, and we need to stay on top of new attacks and techniques, share trend and threat information, and identify potential new product enhancements to defend against new threats.

Low friction integration

Available as a plug-in service, Website Threat Protection is designed to be deployed in minutes and will easily integrate with other core tools that are used by organisations in the security, financial crime, crypto, and e-commerce market sectors.

Why Veracity?

Our AI-powered bot detection engine detects and blocks automated threats in real time, protecting customer data and reducing the risk of a data breach, without you having to think about it.

Online businesses tell us that they are switching to specialised bot mitigation solutions like Website Threat Protection because current WAF (web application firewalls)/in-house solutions have severe limitations that advanced bots can bypass, such as:

  • Don’t protect all endpoints, including mobile apps
  • Fail to protect against malicious Ajax calls
  • Are not compatible with all infrastructures and does not integrate well with multi-cloud and multi-CDN setups
  • Requiring customers to manage CAPTCHA display themselves because the SDKs don’t support third-party networking libraries

Sector solutions for:

  • Fraud and financial crime
  • eCommerce
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Crypto
  • Ad tech
  • Travel and hospitality


  • Online advertising spend
  • Account takeover
  • Fake account creation
  • Denial of inventory
  • Content scraping
  • And much more….

Channels to market:

  • As a SaaS product
  • By direct engagement with Enterprise organisations
  • With complementary partners as part of their solutions


Our streamlined onboarding process has been designed to minimise your time to protection.

Available as a plug-in service, Website Threat Protection is easy to implement, highly effective in stopping non-humans gaining access to your websites and does not compromise the user experience. It lives within your ecosystem as a component in your anti-fraud stack to sift out the bots from the humans quickly, effectively and without compromise.

Award-winning malicious bot protection.

Cyber Award Winner 2021

AI-Enabled Data Solution of the Year – DataIQ Awards 2023 Finalist

Tech Innovation of the Year Winner – Leeds Digital Festival Awards

Cyber Security Company of the Year – UK Business Tech Awards 2023 Finalist

Tech Leader of the Year – Tech Awards 2023 Finalist

Best Use of AI – Tech Awards 2023 Highly Commended