How Poor Quality Data Impacts Marketing Decisions

Video masterclass

In this masterclass, Veracity CEO, Nigel Bridges, discusses the problem of unreliable marketing data.  Nigel reveals the true extent of the cost of ad fraud to advertisers. Many people don’t realise it, but around $30 billion is wasted on ad fraud a year and less than 60% of website traffic is actual human people.

Nigel explores the pitfalls of marketing campaign measurement, sharing some truly shocking figures gathered from Veracity client data (before click fraud protection was put in place) of paid campaigns that incurred 87% non-human clicks. That’s a significantly large sum of wasted ad spend!

The second part of the masterclass presents solutions for ensuring better quality marketing data and robust decision-making.

About Nigel Bridges

Nigel is an experienced executive and advisor with a successful track record of growing technology businesses internationally. His key focus is on the Scale-Up stage of Software and Services businesses, transforming them through a clear agreed strategy, designing and delivering robust sales, delivery and operational processes to provide the platform for transformation and growth.

Nigel has worked at senior leadership level in both larger corporates and SMEs; and has been the CEO of a number of high-growth technology and services companies including Brains Direct / Endava, DTM, and Whitespace before co-founding Beacon.

Award-winning malicious bot protection.

Cyber Award Winner 2021

AI-Enabled Data Solution of the Year – DataIQ Awards 2023 Finalist

Tech Innovation of the Year Winner – Leeds Digital Festival Awards

Cyber Security Company of the Year – UK Business Tech Awards 2023 Finalist

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