How to Tailor Your Social Content Strategy

How to Tailor Your Social Content Strategy

When it comes to promotion for clients’ brands it pays to have a strong social content strategy in place – one which knows its audience and the message.

But how do you come up with a strategy which is strong enough, yet remains flexible to deal with the different methods of posting for various social media platforms?

Your priority must be to identify your client’s audience. Find the personas you want to read your message and discover what their hopes and fears are, their likes and dislikes, and tailor your social content strategy to address those needs.


Building a Social Content Strategy

How you build your strategy will depend a lot upon what your client has asked for, the information you learn about the challenges they are facing, the industry you’re working within, and the amount of time you are able to devote to the strategy.

The obvious place to start is with Brand. How is the brand currently perceived? What is its value add proposition? What’s working well with the existing content? What’s not working?

Then move on to the Goals. Where does the brand want to go? Look at how existing content can help achieve these goals and then fill in gaps where it’s missing.

Next consider Setting. Is this an online only brand or are there physical spaces too? What effect does this have on content opportunities? Can offers online be used to drive footfall into the physical space? Also consider the communication channels the brand is using and whether any are missing. Look at the audience reach and any potential new targets.

Finally don’t forget the Competition. Has a market analysis been carried out to identify the main competitors? If so, what are they doing with their content strategy? Consider what they do well, and what they do poorly and whether you can capitalise on that.


How Veracity Helps With This

Veracity’s built in web analytics can track customer journeys from their point of origin through their social media activity and onto your website. In the world of metaphors, Veracity can help you track the breadcrumbs and signposts your social content strategy has identified and posted onto social media platforms.


Tailoring the Message

Once you’ve used Veracity to discover which of your breadcrumbs or signposts worked best, you can then start to tailor and refine the message further. Focus your content marketing on helping customers achieve their goals.

Everything you do for your client’s brand, from content to design, marketing to customer services, sales or product delivery should have the primary goal of building trust with their audience.

Having an intelligent social content strategy helps demonstrate your client’s credibility. The breadcrumbs and signposts are examples of how your content will help guide customers through a path towards a goal, whether that be to make contact, buy a product or follow a blog.


How Veracity Helps With This

Veracity’s analytics capabilities will help you identify which of your client’s messages is gaining the most interactions and web visits. Using this information gives you a chance to plan appropriately for your social media posting, alternating subjects you know get engagement with new ideas.


In Conclusion

Your content strategy should define your client’s key themes and messages, it should contain recommended topics, the reason for the content (i.e. is it a free download which you will use to track visits or collect data?) and an analysis of what’s missing – do you need more testimonials for example?

It should also include a framework for your metadata and related content attributes, SEO (search engine optimisation) and the implications of content creation, publication and governance.

Veracity delivers an effective combination of web and social analytics to help you understand the performance of your online marketing campaigns. Get started today.


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