Social Media Analytics – Born of Frustration

Social Media Analytics – Born of Frustration

There was great rock song a few years back by the band James. Admittedly Born of Frustration was more to do with relationships than social media analytics. However the sentiment resonated with our experiences when running a digital agency.

One of the biggest challenges we had was the reporting of accurate and meaningful results back to our clients. We needed in-depth social media analytics in order to feedback to our clients, and we were very frustrated that we couldn’t find an easy simple tool to help us do that.

Like 59%* of marketers, we also struggled to collect and centralise data to measure marketing performance. You know what that’s like. You’re running campaigns across several channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest) and you’re doing the best job you can. But gathering the data and compiling those reports quickly and easily at the end of every month so you can show demonstrative results to your client is just hard.

It’s more than just hard. It’s truly frustrating!

Sure there are social media analytics tools available, but none of the tools available were giving us the in-depth cross-channel analytics that we were looking for across an entire campaign.

Social Media Analytics Reports Take Time To Create

If you’re like us, you have people who spend far too much of their working month trying to pull together a meaningful social media analytics report for your clients to justify their spend with you. And then the client will ask something like “so, where did all my money go, what did I get for that spend, and how can it be better spent next month?” Then, before you know it, you’re trying to justify how much a “like” is worth, why a re-Tweet is important and why you pushed a certain post across a specific platform on a specific day.

Somehow you manage to bring together Google Analytics; plus the analytics from the other different platforms you use; plus the social media management tool you use; then you grab data from an on-going spreadsheet; and then you (let’s be honest here) add a bit of educated guesswork.

And behold, you produce a detailed analytics report for your client that is probably more accurate than not – you hope. And another month goes by…

There must be a better way.

Well, we didn’t find one. We tried lots of different tools and techniques, and none of them gave us the answer we, or our clients, needed. What we wanted was a software tool that worked across channels and showed us the effectiveness of each individual social post.

Something that drilled down to post level, (across both paid-for and non-paid), and gave us the detailed social media analytics we needed to show our clients the value of our efforts and the ROI (Return on Investment) of their spend. It needed to be simple, obvious and powerful and ideally not take a small army with an IQ of Albert Einstein to run.

So We Created It

As we couldn’t find one we wrote our own analysis, analytics and reporting system. And it worked – very well. And then as we talked to other agencies, they wanted to use it too. We decide to go further to make our solution into a proper grown-up software product, launched it, and voila – this is Veracity.

Welcome to Veracity. Designed by an agency for social media marketers. Join our movement. Use Veracity.

Going Forward

Our aim is to give our customers the knowledge and actionable insights they need to run better social media campaigns, with more audience-relevant posts, higher social-to-website traffic, and more engagement with content, leading to better results (pipeline, sales, or whatever targets you specify for your social media campaign).

Join our growing number of early adopters and help us continually improve Veracity, so we can provide you with ever more insightful analytics to help you deliver better social media campaigns.

In the words of one of our customers: “I’m starting to see results, which is amazing, and fills me with a silly amount of joy!”

Like the adjustable wrench or the Swiss Army Knife – Veracity was designed to be the indispensable tool in the digital marketing manager’s tool box. We set out to create something that is powerful, easy to use, and just worked. That’s Veracity.

Get a free demo today! and guess what? Once you have started to use Veracity you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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